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Approach of western medicine presumes that only those who already have been fallen ill or those who are in difficult situation ask for medical aid. Oriental approach is completely different.

From the earliest times in the Eastern countries people believed that everybody need therapy for the reason to increase one's health and improve destiny beforehand and also to open one's potential (orientation to the practice and perfection). One of the greatest psychologists of the 20-th century K. G. Jung and later A. Maslow and S. Groff were adhered to the same opinion.

Jung believed that every person possess the urgent need for inner evolution, for understanding of the meaning of life. And what is more he believed that when people do not satisfy this need it might lead to different neuropsychic problems. He gave many examples of this. Abraham Maslow discovered that people who achieved self-realization have more clear perception of reality and are more creative and live in their own accord and harmony with themselves and others.

Dear patients!

In spite of the fact that our school is far-famed and our therapy is high effective we ask you to think thoroughly before you consult us. It is because of some characteristic features of our work.

Cosmic channels who possess intellect will work with you. We are only mediators and just connect them up and they make all work when we, your healers, do our work correctly and heartly. Human could make mistakes or do something wrong or confuse but the cosmic channels never. But the healer must stick to the rules precisely and have to possess high morality and ethics. He must be totally devoted and constantly working improving his spirituality. This channels find on the session sick or weak organs by their own and begin to work with them (patients could have some painfully feelings). Cosmic channels find negative information and take it off (patients could have unpleasant feelings of wide range).

If you decide to work with us you must know that our method does not treat only separate organs like liver or kidneys and does not solve only one separate problem. We heal the WHOLE HUMAN with all his problems both physical and spiritual because according to esoteric health and destiny are connected. That's why they improve simultaneously during the sessions. For example: when crown is "tied" tightly then diagnostic display that the 2-nd and 4-th chakras function badly (when it happens people usually could not marry at all or create family formally, men often suffer from impotence, or husband and wife have an aversion for each other). If the crown is "tied up" weaker then marriage is possible (but it could alternate with divorces and abortive children many times). Diagnostic shows only dysfunction or hyperfunction of the 2-nd and/or 4-th charkas. We believe that the main functions of the 2-nd chakra are child-bearing, maintaining of happy family life, health of urino-genital system. That's why when the crown is tied up then absence of family happiness is accompanied by any kind of urino-genital diseases and vice versa.

After rebalancing of functioning of the 2-nd chakra recover not only sick organs but happy love relations get right or even begin for the first time. Once again we want to stress emphasis that we do not treat diseases but we heal the WHOLE HUMAN BEING with all his problems and sicknesses.

That is why it does not matter what was the primordial reason why our patient had come to us because he would simultaneously (but gradually) get rid of all diseases and problems of his life. Health and destiny have interdependent link. One of the main reasons of crisis of the modern medicine is that physicians try to treat separate organs and systems splitting human body in parts and dividing physical body from psychic life and spirit. We forgot what the ancient doctors have bequeathed:

HUMAN IS THE SINGLE WHOLE, but not only a set of the bones, muscles and organs. We often hear such questions: "Is it possible to cure one concrete disease?" or "I just want to increase my well-being." That kind of approach could be called symptomatic or removing (but only temporarily) things lying on the surface. Each symptom, pain, unhappiness, disease is a signal from the SYSTEM called human being. It is crying for help. Removing the symptom we do not only ignore request of our SYSTEM "HUMAN BEING" but "shut it up". But nothing changes in our system and sooner or later it will "cry" again. May be it will try to knock the door of our consciousness in the same manner (when the same problem, disease or unhappiness return) or it will choose different method (other symptoms or their combinations, other kind of problems). If somebody has one sick finger then not only finger needs help but his WHOLE SYSTEM "HUMAN BEING" needs treatment.

One writer compared removing of symptom with situation when petrol in the car is going to finish. The car is giving a signal to driver (the bulb blinks or needle on the indicator is about zero). The driver removes the symptom (by switching off the indicator) because he does not want it to disturb him but petrol does not only appear but instead it finishes and the car finally stop. That's why we must treat not one symptom and one disease. No matter what kind of sickness our patient has we must treat HUMAN IN WHOLE. Health and destiny are inseparable and are interdependent parts of one whole human being. If human being was really healed then of course his destiny was also improved. Functioning of charkas excellently show us inseparability of health and destiny. Every chakra is responsible not only for condition of single organs and systems but for the concrete aspects of the destiny.

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