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The certificate of registration of the book "Cosmoenergy: The Human Biofield and Chakras" in the department of copyright United States Library of Congress.





Words of one more "our kin" Nelson Mandela spoken in 1994 in his inaugural speech:

"Our deepest fear is not because of our imperfection. Our deepest fear is because of our boundless power. Our light but not our darkness is what we are frightened of. We ask ourselves: "Who I am to be talented, outstanding, legendary?"

Actually: who are you that not to be the same?

You are son of the God. Underestimation of the proper value does not serve for the benefit of universe. There is nothing of being enlightened in shriveling up in order that people around you could not feel awkward. We were born to manifest the greatness of God. It is not in some of us but in everyone. Allowing our inner light to shine up. We unconsciously let others to do the same. The very fact that we are free from our own fear releases others from the same when we are near.



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Teaching the method of cosmoenergy

The method of classical cosmoenergy uses only proven energy information channels, as well as ways and means of their practical application.