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Cyclic changes of spectral and magnetic properties in structured (activating) water by electric discharge plasma processing

V.G.Pevgov*, A.V.Sumarokov*, V.P.Bachar**,E.M.Bagirov***, V.F.Sharkov***. *MIPT, Moscow; **Close Corporation "Tehnosystema EKO", Moscow; ***Academy of Engineering Sciences, Moscow, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The summary

Samples containing activating water were exposed to magnetic field. The spectral dependence of absorption factor was measued. It was revealed, that this factor in activating water change under the cyclic law.

Method of plasma activation of water

Schematically the technology of plasma processing of water is presented on Figure 1. The thin film of water proceeds on one of electrodes of a reactor. Thickness of a film varies from 0,5 up to 1 mm at distance between electrodes 5-10 mm. The electric discharge is strikes in pairs water between electrodes. Properties of the water activated in such a way essentially depend on polarity of electrodes. The scheme when the water film is created on the cathode is represented to more perspective.


During processing water the resulted intensity of an electric field made E/N = (5-8) *10-16 B*sm2 at distance between electrodes of 7 mm. Pressure in the chamber was maintained equal 15-20 mm hg. Density of a current made nearby 0,02 A/sm2, total time of stay of water in the field of the discharge has made nearby 50 second.

Results of experiments

Spectra of absorption were obtained on spectraphotometr Specord M40. At registration of spectra quartz cell with length of an optical way 10 mm, as a rule, were used. Typical spectra of absorption the waters received in experiments with magnetic fields, are resulted below in the form of schedules (fig. 2,3,4) for which on a vertical axis the decimal logarithm of the relation of intensity of the light beam entering in a cell to the intensity of light leaving of this cell.


Figure 2. Absorption on length of a wave of 270 nanometers depending on size of a magnetic field.
(Time of stay in a magnetic field is 90 sec, length of an optical way is 1 mm).


Figure 3. Absorption on length of a wave of 270 nanometers depending on duration of stay in a magnetic field (0,8 Tesla).

In one of series of experiences the sample of the activated water influenced two consecutive impulses of a magnetic field. Duration of the first impulse made 90 second, repeated impulses had duration 30 second. The time delay between impulses varied within the limits of from 1 minute till 5 hours. The size of intensity of a magnetic field in each impulse made 0, 8 Tesla.


Figure 4. Spectra of absorption of water in a cell with optical length 10 mm depending on time of a delay between two consistently put impulses of a magnetic field.

On figure 4 cyclic change of factor of absorption on length of a wave 270,3 nm for 13 serially processed samples ("circles" in figure) for which the second impulse has been detained approximately at 3,5 hour in relation to the first is shown. The direct line noted by daggers, corresponds to constant value of factor of absorption of the water influenced only first impulse.
It is visible, that the size of factor of absorption varies with the period about 3 minutes.
Consideration of all interval of times of the delays researched in experiment, allows to make the conclusion about existence of one more period equal approximately to two hours.


It is experimentally proved, that the water processed by plasma shows sensitivity influence of a constant magnetic field, and its spectral factors of absorption it is essential and, the main thing, cyclically change depending on size of intensity of a magnetic field and from time of stay of the sample in this field. Cyclic changes of optical and magnetic properties of the activated water for the first time were observed in the big series of experiences at reliable enough reproduction of results and at maintenance of necessary accuracy of measurements.

Now authors have no theoretical substantiations of experimental results, especially on oscillation optical and magnetic properties of the activated water. Earlier the data [2,3], testifying that plasma processing leads to claster structurization of water have been obtained. Therefore there are bases to believe, that results of our experiences can be used for mathematical modelling processes of structurization of water under action external energoinformational sources [2] and, undoubtedly, will promote understanding of physical mechanisms of these processes. The structured water has good prospects [4] for wide application not only in biology, but also in technics, for example, in hydrogen power.

The literature

1. V.P.Bahar, I.V.Kochetov, V.G.Pevgov, etc. the Method of reception of the activated (structured) water by its {her} processing by electrodigit plasma // In collector. 12-th Russian conferences CNT - Sochi, 2004.
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4. V.F.Sharkov. Development of alternative power in Russia on the nearest Prospect, (innovative power on new physical and economic principles.).-Preprint IPN the Russian Academy of Science, - Pub. IPN, 9/24/2002

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